The Real Case for Saving Species: We Don’t Need Them, But They Need Us


Conservationists argue that humans need to save species in order to save ourselves. The truth is we could survive without wild species — but they can’t survive without us, and the moral argument for protecting them and the beauty they bring to the world is overwhelming. Story here.
Red-winged blackbird. A PinP photo.


PinP said…
I hope this article stimulates some thought and response. I do not agree with its premise. We need wildlife to sooth our tortured souls with their beauty and wonder. More crassly, they also provide us with a tremendous and wondrous food supply. Just consider aquatic life and the seafood it represents. Yet we are putting it at risk by squandering it with overfishing and pollution, rather than harvesting it sanely, responsibly and respectfully. Please watch the music video, "Save the Wilderness," re-posted recently on this blog.

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