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Fatal horizon, driven by acidification, closes in on marine organisms in Southern Ocean

PHYS ORG A tiny sea creature at the California Academy of Sciences. Photo by Brian Skipworth Marine microorganisms in the Southern Ocean may find themselves in a deadly vise grip by century's end as ocean acidification creates a shallower horizon for life, new University of Colorado Boulder research finds.  More here.

The Roundup row: is the world’s most popular weedkiller carcinogenic?

The Guardian Producer Monsanto is facing thousands of lawsuits from customers who now have cancer. But not all experts are convinced of a link… Story here. --> But not all suspicions about Roundup are confined to its effects on humans.  What about food crops and livestock?  Watch my video, below and decide for yourself! RELATED:  " Field of Nightmares: Ottawa promotes the use of Roundup by Canadian Farmers, Letting Corporate Seduction Trump Scientific Evidence. "