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The European Union will soon ban a suspected carcinogenic fungicide which remains in use in Canada today. Ottawa remains silent.

by Larry Powell The European Food Safety Agency (EFSA), a branch of the European Union,  has declared that  chlorothalonil  "may cause cancer in humans." Several of the agency's findings were based on tests with lab rats. But it obviously believes their metabolisms are sufficiently similar to ours, to place  chlorothalonil   in  "carcinogenicity category  1B - may cause cancer in humans."                                                     Chlorothalonil  is the active ingredient in  several agricultural fungicides used  to treat mildew, blight and mold in many  crops.      According to  the newspaper, The Guardian,  it is the most widely-used  pesticide  in all of the UK and the the most popular  fungicide in  the U.S. It's been used, worldwide, since the '60s. A project based at Simon Fraser University, BC,   CAREX,   reports that 581  tonnes  of  chlor