Monday, 1 April 2019

Rapid apple decline has researchers stumped

Science Magazine
An apple orchard in Quebec, Canada. 
Photo by "Daniel Fafard (Dreamdan)"
Young apple trees have been inexplicably dying across the US and Canada. Story here.

When mines poison waterways in British Columbia, Canada, taxpayers swallow the costs

The Mount Polley mine - Jul. 2014 - about a week before the infamous
breach of its earthen containment dam.
After the breach, massive amounts of wastewater surged into
nearby creeks & lakes. Photos by NASA.

Outdated laws, weak enforcement leave the public on the hook for cleanup. Story here.

Great Lakes are rapidly warming, likely to trigger more flooding and extreme weather.

CBC News
North shore of Lk. Superior. A Wikimedia photo.
Report also predicts more severe algae blooms will increase water treatment costs. Story here.

At least 80 million children under one are at risk of diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio as COVID-19 disrupts routine vaccination efforts

World Health Organization A WHO photo. Agencies call for joint effort to safely deliver routine immunization and proceed with vaccination ...