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Busting more carbon tax myths. A letter-to-the-editor.

--> by Dan Soprovich. Conservative politicians lie about the carbon tax.    Jason Kenny, Doug Ford, Andrew Scheer … you know who the rest are.    And Conservative politicians have been lying about the carbon tax for more than a decade.    When the Stephane Dion Liberals proposed a carbon tax in 2008, Prime Minister Stephen Harper lied about it.    At the time, my dear departed Uncle Jack, who made millions of dollars from the oil industry, sent me an Internet article indicating that a poor retired couple in New Brunswick would be terribly impacted by the Liberal’s proposed carbon tax.    However, that was simply not true.    The proposed carbon tax included a rebate so that folks at the lower end of the economic spectrum would not be hurt (very similar to the carbon tax implemented by the Trudeau Liberal government).    The Stephane Dion Liberals also provided an online calculator at the time.    When I applied the circumstances of the retired couple within the calcul