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Understanding extinction — humanity has destroyed half the life on Earth

CBC Radio A PinP photo. There's less life overall, and much of it is domesticated plants and animals instead of wildlife.    More here.

Much of the Earth is still wild, but threatened by fragmentation

PHYS ORG   Seismic lines dissect northern Alberta, Canada. Photo by Roland Roesler Half of the Earth's land surface not covered with ice remains relatively wild—but many of these "low human-impact" areas are broken into small, isolated pieces, threatening their future. Story here. RELATED: The more we carve up natural landscapes with roads and fields, the closer we’re pushing large predators like lions and wolves, toward extinction. by Larry Powell

Ban oil, gas, bottom trawling in CANADA'S marine protected areas, panel urges

THE STAR Image by NOAA. --> A panel that has spent the year studying marine protected areas (MPAs) in Canada says no oil and gas development, seabed mining, or bottom-trawling fishing should be allowed within their boundaries. More here. RELATED: New research finds that “marine reserves” – tracts of ocean where fishing is banned – are protecting fish, the coral reefs where they live and vast undersea "gardens," a lot more than once thought. By Larry Powell.