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The Bio of Larry Powell - publisher of this blog.

Hi, I’m Larry Powell, an eco-journalist living in Shoal Lake, Manitoba, Canada. I belong to The Science Writers & Communicators of Canada, The American  Association for the Advancement of Science and The Canadian Association  of Journalists.  I’m authorized to receive embargoed material through the Science  Media Centre of Canada, the Royal Society, NatureResearch and the  World Health Organization.  This allows me to “get a jump” on important stories by fleshing  them out with fact-checks and interviews, in advance. This often arms  me with “hot-off-the-press” stories the moment the embargo is lifted. I stand ready to offer such articles to interested publications and will provide writing samples on request.                                       This summer, I joined an international team of writers, telling  “animal tails” (all true) in the online journal, “Focusing on Wildlife – Celebrating the Biodiversity of Planet Earth.” I publish the blog, PlanetInPeril (PinP), wher