• it’s OK to get angry at climate deniers, but it's NOTOK to be one.
  • finding solutions to our climate crisis is looked upon as a rational, not a wacky response.
  • our schools begin teaching our children, not just the way the world is, but the way it could be.
  • helping the world’s downtrodden - or finding a cure for cancer - becomes more important than a “killer” golf shot or a winning goal.
  • sports become simple enjoyment, rather than mass hysteria and a lust for a gold medal.
  • opposing hockey players drop their gloves, our children shout “Stop!” NOT; “Fight. Fight! Fight!"
  • finding a cure for cancer means removing contaminants from our food, not endless marches for a “magic bullet cure” or an “ice-bucket challenge.”
  • science becomes as influential as religion.
  • the faithful explain, how are we being blessed by the divine hand of a loving God, when war continues to rage, a deadly virus runs rampant across the Earth and violent weather events, spawned by climate change, tighten their ugly grip? 
  • now and then, ask your priest - how can a baby be born to a virgin, grow up to walk on water, then turn it into wine?
  • worshippers who eat the flesh and drink the blood of their Lord and saviour start asking themselves….why?
  • huge machines alongside the roads and in the fields, and spray planes in the sky are looked upon, not as awesome advances of modern technology, but as weapons of planetary harm.
  • writers and thinkers with new ideas are just as valued in a community as a handy-van driver, a hockey coach or a pastor.
  • instead of “shopping ’til we drop,” we devote ourselves instead to keeping Mother Earth alive.
  • when struggling to cope with an acute shortage of housing and homelessness, our leaders stop cheering the fact that Canada is now 40m strong and start encouraging “de-growth” instead.


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