Thursday, 10 November 2016

President Trump means we can’t escape a dangerously warmer world

Scientific American

Is there anything positive to say on the climate front after the US election result? Well, the rest of the world may finally get serious about preparing for a world more than 3 oC warmer, because make no mistake that is where we are heading. Story here.

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PinP said...

The monumental mistake which is the US election, will not be wrecking misery and misfortune on Americans only. The masses who voted for Trump are the enemies of those of us who want no more than to live in a clean, peaceful & safe world, free from pollution and disastrous severe weather events. Their stupid and reckless act has endangered us all. Since Donald wouldn't hesitate to do it to us, I’m thinking about boycotting (or calling for boycotts of) all things American - Dairy Queen - Home Depot - A&W - MacDonalds - Wal Mart - Tim Horton’s (now owned by Burger King) - Esso - RBC, ScotiaBank (both of whom are helping to bankroll the unjust Dakota Access Pipeline - & on and on. ARE YOU WITH ME?