It's Worth Defending

Larry --

Our coastlines, our drinking water, our national parks -- we love these things, and defending them is no easy task, especially in the era of the Harper Conservatives.

The current government has been giving away our natural resources to foreign multinational corporations at an alarming rate, and has pushed for the reckless and unsustainable expansion of the oilsands and other high-polluting industries.

But I have good news for you.

An election is right around the corner, and that means we can replace Conservative MPs with Green MPs.

That is exactly what we will do -- but we need your help.

All across the country we have principled, respected, and well-known candidates going head-to-head with Conservative incumbents.

By donating $5 today you will ensure Green candidates have the resources they need to win (it only costs $1.25 after the tax credit).

11:59pm Tuesday, June 30 -- this is our most important fundraising deadline to date.

Chip in $5 before the deadline to help us elect Green MPs in 2015.

I'm In



Dave Bagler
Green Party of Canada


John Fefchak said…
IS IT REALLY NECESSARY? Does the government (s) have to literally destroy every single resource that our earth has to offer and share. Do they not have “any"concerns of what they are planning and doing during “their" time on Earth, ravaging it’s sources to the fullest, and leaving absolute devastation.

This should be a flourishing Earth that can nurture future generations and all creation.
This constant greed will leave a shameful footprint that mankind will be unable to erase.

An elder raised his eyes to the heavens and uttered these solemn words…."Lord, you promised you would not destroy the earth again,as you did so long ago, Why is this happening"? And a voice answered from above…"and I will keep my promise, The Conservative Harper government in Canada is doing it for me."

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