Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hungary Won't Tolerate GMO Seeds, Burns 1,000 Acres of Corn


A GMO crop in Manitoba, Canada. PLT photo.
Think you can plant genetically modified seeds with your crop and no one will notice? Better not try it in Hungary, where agriculture officials literally took a scorched-Earth approach to GMO seeds...Details here.

Friday, 24 May 2013

Toronto Star Investigation: Drugged Canadian Horses Slipping Through ‘Inadequate’ Food System

The horse “passport” Canada relies on to keep toxic meat off dinner tables around the world is open to fraud and error, a Star investigation has found, confirming the findings of an international audit. Full story here.

PLT photo.

Suzuki Reveals Shifting Sands of Alberta Fight

an editorial by John Fefchak

As I watched one of David Suzuki's TV programs,"The Nature of Things," I became very upset at what was taking place in northern Alberta with the Tar Sands and what was happening to the land, the animals, the fish, the environment and the people who make their home there. It seemed, surely this can't be taking place in Canada. This has got to be a spoof from a horror film. But it wasn't a spoof. This was and is reality.  

 It has motivated me to submit this letter, for I also believe we must change our ways and take much better care of our one and only planet that we live on.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Is Climate Change to Blame for the Oklahoma Tornado?

Mother Jones
The six least active and four most active tornado seasons have been felt over the past decade–which could show the influence of climate change. Details here.
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Beyond Covid 19. Are we risking yet another pandemic if we continue to embrace "assembly-line" livestock production into the future?

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