Sunday, 27 November 2011

CBC Tells the Whole Climate Change Story for a Change

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PLT: Bob MacDonald, host of CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks science show, (l.) has seemed reluctant to spell out all the impications of our climate crisis, both on his own show and on his appearances on "The National." He (& other on-air personalities), repeatedly refer to "El Nino" or "La Nina" when trying to explain severe weather events when, in fact, those phenomena play a role in only a small percentage of our catastrophic storms. But on his show this weekend, Bob actually had guests who explained the story plainly and comprehensively. This is significant for, without such detail, many people will brush off the term "climate change," when used without context whatsoever (as it often is),  as something they can do nothing about. Please click here, scroll down, listen to the podcast and you'll understand what I mean.


GreenHearted said...

When we complained to CBC about Rex Murphy's obvious disregard for the truth about the climate change emergency, the head news producer wrote back that he didn't see a problem since there's still a debate. And I thought the CBC was run by intelligent and educated people who care about all Canadians and their future. Alas.

BTW, just found your blog and loving it already. Thanks!

Larry Powell said...

Thanks, GreenHearted!
You may also like my post, "The People's Corporation Loses the Common Touch."
So glad you took the time to take the CBC to task over Murphy! Something needs to be done.

Larry Powell said...

GreenHearted - I just posted a link to your website on my blog. FYI