Are Global Honey Bee Declines Caused by Diesel Pollution?

ScienceDaily                                                                                     Scientists are investigating a possible link between tiny particles of pollution found in diesel fumes and the global collapse of honey bee colonies. Details here. 
PLT photo 
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Anonymous said…
Larry buddy, you're a farmer, surely you don't really think bee colony collapse is caused by diesel soot. Don't you have a diesel tractor on your farm? I guess you gotta get a horse. Better yet, just put up a wind turbine, that will save the bees. Lol!
Larry Powell said…
Dear Anonymous, not sure why I need to be a farmer (or not) to believe the story you refer to. Farmers, just like any other occupation, need to accept evidence which shows they may be affecting our planet in adverse ways. I tend to defer to experts in the field who actually STUDY issues such as this. As to this particular story, if there is any truth to it, I suspect it is just one of many causes of honey bee collapse. The main suspect in the multitude of studies I have read remains farm chemicals. Instead of using canola seed laced with deadly bee poison,(now oh-so-common in industrial agriculture), maybe it is YOU who needs the horse or wind turbine!

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