Saturday, 7 January 2012

If You Liked Bovine Growth Hormone, You’ll Love "Beta Agonists"

Counterpunch Feb 2010 - MARTHA ROSENBERG 
While researchers and scientists investigate the cause of our diabetes, obesity, asthma and ADHD epidemics, they should ask why the FDA approved a livestock drug banned in 160 nations…details here.

Photo courtesy of Alternet.

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Anonymous said...

Staff writer,David Gutierrez of Natural News tells readers that FDA (Food and Drug Administration) allows unsafe drugs to be fed to Livestock. Such a drug is used in Canada under the one name of PAYLEAN, and is commonly used in the large scale production of hogs, which includes the province of Manitoba.This drug that China considers too dangerous for any use is routinely applied to pigs, cattle and turkeys in their
last days of life to bulk them up and increase profits for Agribussiness. It causes misery in the poor creatures—
and is in the meat of slaughtered animals, though its use on humans is illegal in the United States.
Ractopamine is sold under the brand name Paylean for use in pigs, Optiflexx in cattle, and Tomax in turkeys. They are given it up to the time of slaughter——so it’s in the meat people eat.

The big question that needs to be answered is:

Why in heavens name are our “governments” allowing this dangerous drug to be administered into a food chain?. A drug, according to the Natural News, that is banned in 160 countries, including across Europe, China and Taiwan. A drug, that the FDA agency itself admits that the chemical is highly toxic to humans.
A drug, that has been linked to Cancer and Heart disease.

Why are governments allowing this POISON, in the production of food?

John Fefchak;
Virden, Man.