Monday, 23 May 2016

World Could Warm by Massive 10C if All Fossil Fuels are Burned


Arctic would warm by as much as 20C by 2300 with disastrous impacts if action is not taken on climate change, warns new study. Story here.

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PinP said...

I certainly think this latest, disturbing study is warranted. The leader of my own country, Canada's Justin Trudeau, has already tipped his hand as to where he really stands. Bragging on the podium at the Paris Summit that "Canada is back," as if he had some genuine intentions of trying to achieve the stated goal of keeping global warming at less than 2 degrees, C, he goes about his business, promoting the auto industry and more free trade, which are both well-known to be at compete odds with efforts to avert more climate tragedy. Will this latest study do anything to break the mindset of world leaders to get them to take meaningful action? I'd like to think to, but.......