The Arsonists of Fort McMurray Have a Name - Editorial

theguardian - Martin Lukacs
Fossil fuel corporations are causing the climate change fuelling mega-fires – and they should be footing the bill for the devastation. Editorial here.


PinP said…
As a human being, I have to admit to using fossil fuels, and to enjoying its benefits. So, deep down, I fear we can't simply go "cold turkey" in dropping them. What bothers me most, tho is the many, many people who seem to show no signs whatever of even MODERATING their use in their own lives; i.e. smaller cars, fewer trips to the sun, burning less electricity. And the reluctance or impotence of government &/or industry to move more quickly toward sustainable alternatives is puzzling. While the tone of this article may be a little harsh, even for my liking, I would certainly suggest something bolder than anything I've seen to date. How about this. Since the Ft. Mac tragedy will cost billions, maybe the likes of Syncrude and Suncor should consider turning over the BILLIONS they have received from the public trough during the SALAD DAYS of the industry, to the Red Cross, for the relief effort.

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