Uranium City, Saskatchewan - a Legacy of Cancer

PUBLISHER'S COMMENT: In view of the ongoing nuclear crisis in Japan, I've decided to "recycle" one of my old stories, below. I wrote it while working as a journalist with CBC Radio in Regina, SK in the late '80s. It chronicles years of cancer, a virtual "epidemic" among workers at the uranium mine at Uranium City, in the extreme north end of that province.

If nothing else, it might provide an insight into the fact that it is not just the power plant phase of the nuclear system which is problematic. Keep in mind, given that Saskatchewan is a leading player in uranium production and has been for some time, the fuel rods melting down in Japan as we speak, may well have been made from Saskatchewan uranium.  (2-pt. Just click to enlarge.)

I even sent it to George Monbiot, hoping to help convince him to turn away from his recent and ill-advised conversion to all things nuclear. He has not responded! 
1984 - by Larry Powell

(I was honoured to have been awarded 1st prize for best radio documentary in Canada that year by the Centre for Investigative Journalism.) l.p.


Anonymous said…
Cancer - a virtual "epidemic" -- I belive this is true, but maybe another issue is all the other medical conditions that resulted from working/growing up/ living on a uranium mine site. I grew up in Eldorado - where the actual mine site was, a town of a few hundred people. on my small street of less then 10 houses, there were 4 of us that ended up developing Multiple Sclerosis. We are all within 5 years of age of each other, and although MS is high in Saskatchewan, 4 people in a town of a few hundred is pretty high. I believe cancer is NOT the only legacy of uranium mining. Michelle Dewey
Larry Powell said…
Thanks so much for sharing your story, Michelle. It is appreciated.