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Honeybees 'Entomb' Hives to Protect Against Pesticides, Say Scientists

Fiona Harvey 4 Apr'11 By sealing up cells full of contaminated pollen, bees appear to be  attempting to protect the rest of the hive.  Details here.      

Koch Brothers' Deeds Exposed in New Film - Please Donate!

AlterNet Dear Friend, I'm writing to ask you to support an incredibly important film, one that will save lives and thwart what may be the most destructive pair of brothers in American history. A $50 gift today will get you listed as  a "producer" plus this exclusively designed Shepard Fairey t-shirt  with the Koch-topus logo  By now you have probably heard of the nefarious Koch Brothers. They are two super wealthy radical conservatives who are spreading their billions to crush working people, destroy the environment, undermine health care, demean immigrants, avoid responsibility for their own death and destruction, and the list goes on. Already the Koch's have paid $30 million in fines for 300 oil spills, and invested $34 million to support groups who are trying to steal rights away from teachers,fireman, police, nurses -- our neighbors and friends. We have to get the truth about the Koch's to million