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Earth to EPA: Bees Need Help Now

PANNA - Apr 14 '11 In the last four months, 1.2 million people around the world have raised their voices on behalf of honey bees – urging officials to take decisive, precautionary action by suspending a suspect class of pesticides (neonicotinoids) known to undermine honey bee immunity . Details here.

EARTH DAY..22 APRIL - A Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,   We put aside this day each year to officially recognize and appreciate our Planet and to honour the sacred elements of Air, Water, Earth and Fire. Some estimate that North Americans alone need five planets, the size of our earth , to sustain their continued and present rate of green house gas emissions. This is very sad and alarming news. Our governments have an important role to play in solving this problem. Unfortunately,however,it is governments that have allowed and encouraged activities that increase emissions and brought us to a place of crisis.   Our governments are supposed to be accountable for their actions, to regulate and make decisions that protect public interest, the environment. Human health and survival depends on a healthy environment. Yet, today's governments are unduly influenced and controlled in too many ways by industry and corporations with their promises of investments,development,technological solutions and globalized trade. I have yet to s

Prairie Flooding Delays Seeding Two Weeks So Far

Manitoba Co-operator - Apr 13'11 By: Rod Nickel Winnipeg | Reuters Farmers in flooded Western Canada look to plant at least two weeks later than normal as... Details here. A flooded farm field near Winnipeg.