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Last Members of Manitoba First Nation Leaving as Reserve Monitors Flood

By: The Canadian Press 04/25/2011 WINNIPEG - The last residents of a Manitoba reserve on the U.S. border were leaving Monday if they weren't needed to monitor flooding, said the man in charge of the evacuation. Howard Nelson said about 800 members of the Roseau River First Nation would have traded life on the reserve south of Winnipeg for that in city hotels. He said the evacuees could be there for five to 10 days, but it was hard to predict because the road into the community might be closed by flooding. However, the water on Monday was still almost two metres below the top of a protective dike. Nelson said pumps were being used to get water out of almost 30 flooded basements in low-lying areas. This year's spring flooding has forced about 1,600 people to leave their homes in Manitoba — most from Roseau River and the Peguis First Nation along the Fisher River near Lake Winnipeg. =====  The number of people displaced by the flooding is only a fraction of what it wa

BP Getting $13 Billion Tax Break? {TAKE ACTION}

PlanetSave - 24 Apr 2011   Last Wednesday, it was determined that BP would be getting  $13 billion in tax credits. It is not clear if BP is even going to pay any taxes at all or if it will actually get money from the government after this. Why is BP getting so much money? Because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico…. Yeah, that’s right, BP got to write off its losses from the oil spill. Residents and animals are suffering (if they haven’t already suffered and died) from this unprecedented disaster, the country is struggling, and BP gets to skip tax season because it’s own mistake caused it to lose money. $13 billion is hard to even comprehend. But let’s put it this way: it’s about equal to the EPA’s annual budget, which just got slashed considerably by a Tea-Party-wacky Congress, and it’s equal to about 1/3 of the total budget cuts our government has put forward for 2011. Now , though, one of my favorite sites, CREDO Action, is pushing BP to take responsibility for i