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Quiet Shift in Feds' Criteria for Approving Northern Gateway Pipeline

By Gerald Graham, 16 Nov 2011, 'Need for project' now trumps environment in fine print of pipeline documents. Details here. PLT: And people wonder why there is an Occupy movement!

Time to Test Corporate Leaders to Weed out Psychopaths

By Mitchell Anderson, Today, Shark-like, they rise fast but risk killing the world economy, concludes a business professor. Details here.

Broadcaster Bill Moyers "Nailed" the Motivation Behind the Occupy Movement - Even Before it Began! (Video)



Uganda's Protected Mabira Rainforest Threatened Again by Sugar Production By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet - November 21, 2011 TAKE ACTION HERE NOW:

Public Happy Face on Ottawa's Cuts Smeared by Official's Private Memo

Mike De Souza - Vancouver Sun - Nov. 20-'11 OTTAWA — A senior Environment Canada bureaucrat who publicly defended the federal government’s plans to slash funding and eliminate “redundancy” within the country’s ozone monitoring programs, privately approved a briefing note that concluded there was no duplication in its network, Postmedia News has learned. Read more here. PLT: It is truly a sad day when a Prime Minister can instil such fear in his public servants that they feel compelled to tell a different story in public than in private, just to keep their jobs!