Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Ottawa to Unveil Weakened Emissions Rules for Coal-Fired Power

Globe and Mail
After a year of tough negotiations with companies and premiers that tested Ottawa’s resolve to fight climate change, Environment Minister Peter Kent is finally ready to present the final version of regulations to curtail greenhouse gas emissions from the coal-fired electricity sector. Full story here.

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Anonymous said...

"This is unacceptable. Peter Kent no longer has any credibility as a Minister of the Environment (well I suppose he lost that a while back). He could, and should, have done what BC did... any new new coal fired electricity would be required to be 100% GHG emissions free. As a society we will live and die by our consumption of coal. Peter Kent has made it clear what his view is. Each new coal plant commits us to 50 years of coal burning. Do we have any hope of ever reducing emissions in Canada? His policy is committing future generations to a life of misery. The sad reality is that this sad statement of a politician is too old to be around to be held accountable for his actions. Canadian youth should be incensed with this."
Andrew Weaver, climatologist, University of Victoria

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