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Peat Mine Comments Deadline Extended

  The Government of Manitoba is actually considering a proposal to mine peat inside Hecla/Grindstone provincial park. If you are concerned about this, the deadline for expressing that concern to the government has been extended. Read more here. Peat Mine Comments Deadline Extended

What if a Supertanker Tanks?

Vancouver Sun January 8, 2012 Enbridge promises tough safeguards against a spill if its Northern Gateway pipeline is approved. Details here.  A sheen on the water from the Exxon Valdez spill in 1989.  Please also read: "A Quiet Shift in the Federal Criteria for Approval of the Gateway Pipeline."

U.S. Judge OKs Alfalfa Strain Made by Monsanto Co.

San Francisco Chronicle 1/7/12 A federal judge has upheld the government's decision to let the nation's alfalfa growers plant the genetically engineered, herbicide-resistant strain manufactured by Monsanto Co., Details here. PLT. Canada hasn't proceeded with GM alfalfa - yet. But it will, whether farmers or the public want it or not.