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Pipeline Opponents Plan Mass Sit-in at B.C. Legislature

CBC News Opponents of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline are organizing what they're calling the largest act of peaceful civil disobedience on the oil sands issue in Canada. Full story here. The Great Bear Rainforest which the pipeline would cross.

Pork Council Must Focus More on Farmers' Needs

14/04/2012 1:00 AM |     Brandon Sun - PRINT EDITION Maple Leaf and government policy is to blame for the continued loss of hog producers and a risk to “thousands of jobs” at the Brandon slaughter plant. Manitoba Pork Council general manager Andrew Dickson would have us believe that the province-wide hog production ban and new manure treatment regulations are the culprits. Does Dickson forget that the loss of most independent hog farmers started when the Maple Leaf, Hy-Tek and Puratone corporations set up their pyramid scheme-like operations and the conservative Filmon government removed single-desk marketing protection in the late 1990s? Well before a moratorium and phosphorus regulation was put in place. Further details here.

Himalayan Glaciers Retreating in Some Regions but Not Others

Planetsave The consequences for the Himalayan water supply depend heavily on the region’s thousands of glaciers… Full story here. Photo courtesy of MailOnline