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Head Stuck in the Tar Sands

Agrarian Magazine Shutting down Canada’s prized Experimental Lakes Area (ELA) is the latest atrocity in Harper Government’s war on evironmental science - by James Beddome Please help us persuade the Government of Canada to reverse the decision to close Canada’s Experimental Lakes Area by signing the
 Public Petition to Save ELA! ELA photo by CBC News

Canada to Stop Defending Asbestos, Striking Blow to Once-Mighty Industry

Brandon Sun MONTREAL - The federal government has tossed in the towel and will stop fighting international efforts to list asbestos as a dangerous substance, striking another blow to a once-mighty Canadian industry now on the verge of extinction. Full story here. Please also read: "The New Harper Government Sharpens its Claws on 'The Enemy'"  

Petitioning Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba - Please Sign

Cosmetic pesticides are those chemicals used merely to maintain an appearance of a lawn or garden. Their purpose is not to protect public health or prevent invasive species from spreading, which makes exposure to these chemicals an unnecessary risk. Sign here.