Editorial: Rough Road Ahead for Canada's New Environment Minister

Montreal Gazette
With the announcement of Leona Aglukkaq as the new federal environment minister in last week’s cabinet shuffle, the prime minister’s office highlighted her Inuk heritage and connection to Canada’s Arctic region as among the assets she will bring to her new executive role. Full story here.


PLT said…
Keep in mind, this is the same minister who, while in charge of the Pest Management Regulatory Agency as Health Minister, ignored an order by the federal court to do a more thorough and immediate review of "glyphosate," the farm chemical being shown in mounting research studies as having many adverse effects on crops, livestock, wildlife and humans. Other farm chemicals which kill precious pollinators like honeybees proliferated during her watch as well. While the European Union took action, she did nothing. Being from the north, she ought to be keenly aware of the ravages of climate change. Yet she represents a government which treats the science with nothing but contempt. Call me a cynic, but I personally have zero hope she will suddenly see the light and grow an environmental conscience!
John Fefchak said…
This is a very important, perhaps the most important of all portfolios within any government.
If Leona Aglukkaq has the will and fortitude to apply herself to protecting Canada's environment, as it must and should be protected, I am afraid she will not last long in the Harper regime. There are are so many pit bull Industry/Resources ministers that will oppose her concerns and cares as THEY ambitiously seek development progress, at any cost, and to hell with any needed protection.
As the SIXTH Environment Minister in the Harper Conservative Government in less than eight years. I would wish her all the best and success in her new undertaking, but I'm afraid that if she attempts and proceeds to do what is so desperately needed, candidates number SEVEN and EIGHT are waiting in the wings just off stage