Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Suzuki & Rubin Pose a Necessary Question - "Is Endless Growth Possible or Even Desirable?"

CBC Radio Podcast - "Ideas." (54 mins)

Please listen to this riveting podcast here.

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John Fefchak said...

David Rourke tells us…. "Endless economic growth isn't sustainable".

And in my view, that is the situation that we are faced with to-day.

The Prostitution of Academia, by David Suzuki. tells us:

"Steady incremental growth within a given interval is called "exponential growth,"
and any scientist knows that nothing in the universe grows exponentially
Yet economists,business people and politicians assume that the explosive
increase in income, consumer goods, and GNP (and inflation) of the past decades
must be maintained to sustain our quality of life.
Historians tell us that this is an aberration, a blip that must inevitably stop
and reverse itself.
But how can the fallacy of maintainable exponential growth be seriously challenged
when the university is busy selling the myth that it can help maintain such growth.?"

So what are we to do?

re:Autobiography of David Suzuki.

"We have been repeatedly warned that we are on a dangerous path, and that we must
not turn our backs on the core survival strategy of our species.
Yet we continue to allow the demands of economy, political feasibility and personal
ambition to subordinate the ecological concerns that are so necessary for our survival".

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