Ontario's Environment Minister Vetoes an Environmental Assessment for GM Alfalfa

Manitoba Organic Alliance
Ontario’s Minister of the Environment has denied a request for an environmental assessment of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa. The request for an assessment was made by two farmers in Ontario, on behalf of many. The Minister decided that "a new provincial regulation making activities on the sale and distribution of GM seed subject to the EAA [Environmental Assessment Act] would overlap with the existing federal regulation. Therefore, the public interest does not warrant an EBR [Environmental Bill of Rights] review by the ministry."


PLT said…
So much for the word of our illustrious Ag Min, who said 2 1/2 years ago there was "no demand" for GM alfalfa
"so we have no intention of moving forward.” Doesn't sound like it to me.I'm afraid we're going to get it shoved down our throats anyway, aren't we Gerry? That's kuz, whatever Agribiz wants, Agribiz gets! And to hell with anything else.