The Government of Canadaʼs Legacy of Contamination in Northern Saskatchewan Watersheds

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Beaverlodge Lake, a 57 square kilometer water body, and three other watersheds in northern Saskatchewan are seriously contaminated with uranium and selenium. Details here.

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John Fefchak said…
Water…the most important resource that all living things need to survive and exist on this planet.
Yet it is treated with, contempt contamination and ravaged by the industries in their greedy search for profit making.
But they are not alone, for the government says we need those jobs and the economy that it brings to us. (and to hell with and no matter as to what happens)
Little realizing, once this so precious life giving liquid is polluted and un drinkable, we have literally destroyed ourselves to extinction. For whatever we do to the web strands of life, we do to ourselves.
WILL WE EVER LEARN? Later will be TOO late.