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Trout Under Threat as Deadly Pesticide Devastates Top Fishing River

The Express ONE of Britain’s top trout rivers has been devastated by a deadly pesticide. Details here. PLT: This is the same crap (chlorpyrfos) which likely poisoned a Manitoba family a few years ago.  Please also read:   " Family Believes it was Poisoned by Crop Spray"

What Is Farm Runoff Doing To American Waters? US Scientists Wade In.

KCCU - the salt A Canadian farm. PLT photo Farming already "fingered" as leading cause of water pollution south of the border. Officials there try to find out more. Details here.

Working With Nature Can Protect Us From Floods

David Suzuki The normally tranquil Boggy Creek in west-central Manitoba in full  "flood mode" a couple of years ago. PLT photo. News of the devastating floods in Alberta hit Canadians hard. We've all been moved by extraordinary stories of first responders and neighbours stepping in to help and give selflessly at a time of great need. As people begin to pick up their lives, and talk turns to what Calgary and other communities can do to rebuild, safeguarding our irreplaceable, most precious flood-protection assets should be given top priority.  Details here.