Sunday, 7 July 2013

Manitoba Rolls Out Red Carpet For Noisy "Quad" Machines! - an editorial

PLT: So…I see the Government of Manitoba is going to "improve amenities" in Duck Mountain Provincial Park. That's nice. It's a great place. Apparently those improvements will make the park "more environmentally friendly to lakes and rivers." Sounds good, so far, right? 

But hold on a moment. 

One of those amenities, reads the government press release, will include "trail upgrades" for ATVs (all terrain vehicles)! ATVs?  Aren't those the same noisy, dangerous and polluting machines that too many irresponsible people use to invade quiet wildness, rip up the back country and harass wildlife with? Sounds like the same, to me. I don't even understand why these offensive inventions are allowed in the parks in the first place. That we should actually pamper and roll out the red carpet for them to boot, makes about as much sense as allowing logging there. 

Oh, I forgot. Logging is still allowed in "The Ducks," too, isn't it? 

Ahhh…wilderness. Wasn't it wonderful?

But this isn't just me saying this. A few years ago, a working group made up of people from a wide range of interests; cottagers, tourism and First Nations, found that skyrocketing use of ATVs in the park was "negatively affecting" many trails there through rutting, rendering many impassible!

You tell me how these latest government "amenities" will do anything but increase the kind of abuses documented by that group! ATVers already have thousands of kilometres of trails in other places. Why do they need more in the park? Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and go elsewhere, guys! Leave the park for those of us who want a bit of peace and quiet that's in such short supply in this modern age. Either that or get off your duffs and try hiking, backpacking or cross-country skiing, instead. It just may do wonders for your heart and your soul. You could be pleasantly surprised!

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