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Stop Big Coal From Killing the Great Barrier Reef! Please Sign!

Dear Avaazers,  The Great Barrier Reef is at risk of being dredged to make way for a mega coal project. But if one key investor walks away, the deal would be sunk and the World Heritage Site protected. We can convince them to pull out, or get PM Rudd to stop the plan, but we have to act now --  sign this urgent petition to help save the Great Barrier Reef:  It would be hard to make this stuff up.  Australia’s legendarily irresponsible mining industry has a new plan:  while the planet faces catastrophic climate change, build the world’s largest coal mining complex, and then build a shipping lane to that port straight through the greatest ecological treasure we have - the Great Barrier Reef! This is a terrible idea with devastating consequences, and the investor group Aurizon that’s backing it know it. They’re getting cold feet, and  we might be able to push them over the edge, and kill the project.  One of the main potential funders has even donated to climate activism!  If one mi