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37 Million Dead Bees Bring Strong Warnings

Alternatives Journal PLT photo Which path will we take to protect pollinators from our current agricultural practices? Full story here.

Canadian Technology Could Help Save Civilization!

PEOPLE IN ACTION  Reah Janise Kauffman and Julianne Simpson Earth Policy Release August 13, 2013 We love hearing about how our publications inspire others to take action and share their stories  on our website. From the classroom to the political arena, people are spreading the word about  Plan B and EPI’s work to create a roadmap to sustainability.  In 2007, Dr. Bonnie Winslow-Garvin, a school psychologist and  long-time fan of Lester’s work, gave her husband Michael Garvin a  copy of  Plan B 2.0 . Garvin was so inspired by Lester’s call to action  that he left his national security consulting work to focus on moving  the world to a carbon-free energy economy. In 2009 they founded  RENAIS, a renewable energy technology and financing consultancy  specializing in wind power, in their home state of Iowa. Garvin also wanted to act internationally. He decided to begin with  the Caribbean, a region heavily dependent upon f

ForestEthics Advocacy Stands up For The Environment - But it Needs Your Help & Money!

Dear Larry, Democracy and the environment are the cornerstones of a prosperous future. But our federal government doesn’t see it that way. How many of us have watched, astonished and sick at heart, as Prime Minister Harper’s cabinet gutted our environmental laws, muzzled our scientists, and violated our free speech rights? Moments ago, ForestEthics Advocacy (FEA), represented by my friend Clay Ruby, launched a lawsuit in the Federal Court of Canada against the Harper Government.  Clay believes the Harper government overstepped its authority when it established rules that dictate who can speak at National Energy Board (NEB) hearings AND what exactly they can say. Your partnership and support in getting us this far has been incredible.  It takes courage to stand up to a powerful adversary.  Now we must all step up again.  The start-up fees for this lawsuit will cost $150,000. ForestEthics Advocacy is currently raising funds to cover these expenses and two generous donors have