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Rising Temperatures, Rising Food Prices

by Lester Brown A wheatfield in Manitoba, Canada. PLT photo Agriculture as it exists today developed over 11,000 years of rather remarkable climate  stability.  It has evolved to maximize production within that climate system. Now,  suddenly, the climate  is changing.  Details here.

These are Dark Days for Bearers of Truth

"It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong."  -Voltaire Common Dreams Bradley Manning: 35 years in military prison. Edward Snowden: Political refugee in Russia. Looks like Voltaire is more timely than ever. Whistleblowers and journalists are being hunted down in all corners of the globe for exposing grave and illegal government activities—the targeting of innocent civilians on the battlefield, massive surveillance operations, torture. They are being pursued for bringing you the truth.

Allow the Light of Public Scrutiny to Shine on the Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada Oil Spill Disaster! PLEASE SIGN!

action  alert! A brave whistleblower released news that a Tar Sands spill in Alberta, Canada is "unstoppable," leaking into pristine lands around Cold Lake. The public must know about this! Allow the Media into Tar Sands Spill Sites please  share it helps!