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Blizzard Ravages South Dakota's Livestock Industry

Los Angeles Times Tens of thousands of cattle are killed, found huddled and frozen after the surprise storm. The 6,000 ranching operations that were hit have no safety net, thanks to the federal government shutdown. Details here.

Stop Further Tragedy in Brazil. Say NO to the Disastrous Canadian Mine, the "Belo Sun."

Português  |  Español  |  Deutsch  |  More Belo Sun No! Stop further tragedy on the Xingu River This week Amazon Watch joined a global coalition of organizations to launch a campaign in defense of indigenous and traditional communities threatened by the Canadian mining company Belo Sun. The Toronto-based company plans to build Brazil's largest gold mine on the banks of the Amazon's Xingu River in the very area that is most impacted by the disastrous Belo Monte dam.

And the Award Goes to....Monsanto? Please Sign the Petition!

This year’s World Food Prize will be awarded to top executives at Monsanto and Syngenta for creating GE crops.  GE crops are about feeding the profits of biotech giants, not the world’s hungry. 

Gas Flare in Atlantic Canada Draws Thousands of Birds to Their Deaths, and Ignites Questions

E & E Publishing The conditions that night were a perfect storm -- foggy, low cloud cover, an early fall evening that was right for flight. Full story here. Goldfinch. PIP photo