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Alberta's Current Carbon Strategy No Match for Keystone's Emissions

inside climate news The pipeline would increase carbon emissions by 20M tons a year. Despite claims, Alberta's offset schemes would negate just a fraction of those emissions. Details here

Stop a Human Rights Tragedy - Put a Heartless Billionaire in His Place at the Same Time

Warren Buffett is investing in a steel company that's planning to kick 22,000 Indian villagers from their homes. The UN's top experts have condemned the project -- tell Buffett to stop this human rights disaster now! Larry, Warren Buffett is investing in a massive steel company that's planning to force 22,0000 Indian villagers from their homes. Now, eight of the UN's top human rights officials have called for an immediate halt to the project -- and we need to make sure Buffett acts. If this project goes ahead, thousands of acres of forest will be flattened, and tens of thousands of poor Indian villagers will lose their homes and livelihoods. The company behind this disaster is Posco Steel, a South Korean giant, in which Warren Buffett has invested more than $1 billion. If Buffett uses his financial might, he can push Posco Steel to address the UN's human rights concerns or stop the project. He claims to uphold the "highest level

Unregulated Ammonia, Increasingly From Industrial Farming, Threatens U.S. National Parks

Science Daily Oct. 10, 2013 — Thirty-eight U.S. national parks are experiencing "accidental fertilization" at or above a critical threshold for ecological damage, according to a study published in… Details here.

A Lake in Washington State Holds a Century of Canadian Pollution

Wenatchee World People along Lake Roosevelt, a 150-mile-long stretch of the Columbia River, worry that their waterways have become the repository for much of the 10 million tons of slag that a Canadian smelter just north of the border dumped into the river for decades. Full story here.