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Important Update on our #Save the Bees Campaign

Sierra Club of Canada SAVE THE BEES PLEASE:  CLICK HERE Sierra Club Canada National Office 412-1 Nicholas St Ottawa ,  ON   K1N 7B7 Canada

Less Than 2 Days Left to Help Manitoba's Caribou!

Dear Larry, Only 48 hours left to join our Week for the Wild and   help the woodland caribou in Manitoba ! We gave ourselves just 7 days to find 50 people who  care to help the woodland caribou. With your help,  we’ve raised over $200 in Manitoba and we’re  not done yet! Can you help us reach our goal of finding 30 more people  who care about the woodland caribou? If you haven’t  already,  please consider making a special, one-time gift of just $11.50   to help protect the woodland caribou's remaining Boreal forest habitat. The woodland caribou needs our help. Let’s make the next 48 hours  count –  join our Week for the Wild now . Thanks for your continued support. Don't forget to follow us on  Facebook  and  Twitter  for updates! Yours in conservation, Ron Thiessen Executive Director, CPAWS Manitoba

Oklahoma 'Earthquake Swarm' May Be Linked to Fracking

Huffington Post The US Geological Survey suggests "injection-induced seismicity" may be playing a role in a spike in earthquake activity in the state. The term refers to pumping wastewater produced by fracking and other oil and gas projects into storage deep in the ground. Details here.

Writer Steps Up His Fight to Protect Water Resources (Letter)

Dear Editor; What will it take to convince the Manitoba government that  it  should never allow arsenic to be released into our surface  waters? I consider this action reprehensible, yet that is exactly what  the province has permitted (the Town of) Virden to do, with arsenic that  has been removed from the water source at the town's treatment plant. The following is my response to Premier Selinger and Minister Mackintosh in regard to their letter. It informs me that they’ll continue to allow the arsenic that’s recovered from the Virden water treatment plant to be released elsewhere. My concern is that this will, over time, only add to surface water contamination and pollute the environment. This will create unknown consequences for future generations. Many other substances that are considered toxic in other jurisdictions are obviously not of concern here. It seems this government has no problem with putting lives at risk.