Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Harper Approves the Gateway Pipeline

Dogwood Initiative


By now I’m sure you’ve heard the federal cabinet has approved
Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal for B.C.’s north coast.

Yes, the news is saddening and far from surprising, but you and 

I both know this fight is far from over.

As we move on to the next step in this journey, we know
Canadians are more committed than ever to each other and
the place we call home. Together, against all odds, we will
outfight Enbridge and the unlimited wealth of its oil industry backers.

British Columbians have the power stop this pipeline, but we 

need the help of people like you, Larry, who live outside of B.C. 
to help reach them. 
Can you help us get the word out by sharing our

call to action with your B.C. networks or on social media?

Share Let BC Vote:

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Here’s what we know for sure: the majority of British Columbians
have always opposed the expansion of oil tanker traffic on B.C.’s

coast. Now it’s time to bring those people together and build the 

most powerful democratic movement the West Coast has ever 

We’re going to give B.C. politicians no choice but to stand up

for our home.

Premier Clark said it best: nobody can force this pipeline through 

B.C. if the people don’t want it. We’re going to hold her to her word

so she withholds the permits necessary for construction. We can
make this happen, but we need your help now more than ever.

Please share the pledge with every British Columbian friend 

and family member you have:

Share Let BC Vote:

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We’re asking our politicians to carry out the will of the majority,
but we’re ready if they let us down. We have to give B.C.
politicians no choice but to hold the line. If Premier Clark
flip-flops and starts issuing pipeline permits, we will be
forced to cancel them.

By sharing the pledge during this critical time,
you’ll help us reach more British Columbians than we
ever could alone.

Share Let BC Vote:

Share on Facebook: /ORDeIE

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Thanks again for your support. It’s the reason we’re able to
fight Enbridge on the ground here in B.C. and it’s the reason
we’re so close to winning.

Talk soon,

Kai on behalf of the Dogwood team

P.S. If British Columbians could vote on Northern Gateway,
the project would be dead tomorrow.
Please help us reach out to them today:

Share Let BC Vote:

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