Friday, 12 September 2014

Health Canada's "Vitamin Police" Begin Raiding Health Food Retailers

Citizens for Choice
In early 2012 Health Canada's Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) had already spent over one billion dollars of taxpayer's money regulating an industry that was on record as having caused zero deaths. Two and a half years later, the taxpayer's bill is still climbing.but the death toll isn't. It's still zero! Yet, as of September 1st, in the name of safety,
Health Canada has sent out inspectors to force all products not possessing a natural product license off health retailer shelves.

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After having lost countless thousands of innovative and therapeutic
products, now we will lose hundreds more. How can this be construed as being
a benefit to Canadians and their health? It is painfully obvious that it's
not. The only big benefactor is the pharmaceutical industry, which enjoys
reduced competition for their drugs, or manufacturers that have seen many
U.S. companies leave Canada. The big losers are consumers who can no longer
get the products of their choice, or anything comparable.

Health Canada demands scientific or traditional evidence for the efficacy of
Natural Health Products to continue sale. But they then turn around and come
up with completely made-up, baseless restrictions on certain nutrients to
limit options for consumers dealing with serious conditions, such as cancer.
Two examples are the 1000 I.U. limit on the dosage of vitamin D, and the
650mg limit on inositol. Both edicts have absolutely no scientific basis
whatsoever. Not a single actual study to support them, besides opinion,
while countless thousands of studies indicate the opposite, i.e. that
Vitamin D above 5000 I.U. per day can be can be extremely beneficial,
especially for Canadians in the winter, or that up to 20 grams per day of
inositol can be very useful for anxiety, and both can be helpful adjuncts
for cancer.

So who is overseeing Health Canada? Well, the Minister of Health, of course.
But how many of these Ministers that change every four years know anything
about the actual subject matter of the department they are running? Let's
hazard a guess..none of them. So who do they rely on for expertise? Why of
course, the entrenched bureaucrats at Health Canada, who have often been
there for 10 to 30 years, and also manage one of the top two most powerful
industries on the planet.

And when Bill C-18 was proposed that would make it illegal for farmers, and
eventually anybody else, to save seeds to grow things, without buying
genetically modified seed that wont reproduce, who do you think instigated
it? I can tell you, it wasn't the Minister of Agriculture!
So let me ask you, Who is Running the Country? The bureaucrats, or the
industries that control them?

One way or another it's not the MPs..our supposed representatives. The whole
situation makes an absolute mockery of our so-called democracy. It's not a
democracy, it's a corporatocracy!

And when Health Canada comes back with their usual line about how many
Natural Health Products they have approved, simply ask yourself why the
department in question changed their name this year from the Natural Health
Products Directorate to the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products
Directorate. It was because of the overwhelming amounts of completely
unnatural products they were approving.most produced by pharmaceutical
companies, and mega corporations in whose vested interests it is to keep you

So obviously, you can see where all of this is going. And if we simply sit
by, and watch it happen, then we get what we deserve. BUT, if we stand up
and call the kettle black and don't stand for it, we can change it. If this
all makes you as hopping-mad as it makes me then get up and do something
about it! There has NEVER been a more important time to join Citizens for
Choice in Healthcare and fight for what is right!

Citizens for Choice is a non-profit organization which lobbies government 

"for freedom of choice in health care."

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