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As Canada Dawdles, Denmark Shows the World How to Stop Mass-Medicating Animals

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix Unlike Canada, Danish farmers must record every single dose of antibiotic they use. Details here.

‘Extreme Levels’ of Monsanto’s Roundup Herbicide Found in Soy Plants

EcoWatch A new study led by scientists from the Arctic University of Norway has detected “extreme levels” of Roundup, the agricultural herbicide manufactured by Monsanto, in genetically engineered (GE) soy. Full story here. Related:  Field of Nightmares  -  Ottawa continues to embrace the widespread use of Roundup on Canadian farms by letting corporate seduction trump scientific evidence.

Another Showdown with PM Harper. Can you Chip In $5 Today?

Forest Ethics ForestEthics Advocacy and a group of concerned citizens are seeking legal counsel to knock the Kinder Morgan pipeline project in B.C. right off its tracks. Full story here.

Unnatural Gas

Winnipeg Free Press Towering flames atop oil wells break the inky darkness in the badlands on North Dakota's Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. The flares of natural gas set grass fires on the prairie where Theodora Bird Bear's ancestors hunted buffalo and create a driving hazard on rural roads. Full story here.