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Does El Niño Plus Global Warming Equal Global Temperature Records This Year and Next?

Climate Progress An El Niño appears increasingly likely this year, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). If it starts relatively quickly, then 2014 could well be the hottest year on record. But if it is a strong El Niño, then 2015 would likely break all previous global records. Details here. ========= In January of 2011, I wrote the following here on PLT in a post I entitled: Is Canada's Flagship TV Newscast Telling the Whole Story of Climate Change? Both La Niñas (cooling trends) and El Niños (warming ones), have been scientifically shown to be behaving strangely in recent years, with the onset of global warming. In the early ‘90s, several El Niños were recorded, but with no  La Niñas in between! The IPCC describes this occurrence as "highly unusual and very unlikely to be accounted for solely by natural variability.” In a research paper in 1996, Dr. Trenberth noted this same event was “ the longest on record…and

Biologist Tyrone Hayes Battles One of the Biggest Agribusinesses in the World (Podcast)

CBC Radio - The Current. Hayes has spent his career studying the effects of one particular herbicide - Atrazine - on frogs. When he presented the maker Syngenta with results that he said showed sexual abnormalities in frogs, Dr. Hayes says the company tried to launch a campaign to discredit his work. Listen here.