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PinP Declares Manitoba's Minister of Agriculture a Liar.

by Larry Powell Manitoba's Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development, Ron Kostychyn, (r.)  is a liar. Way back in September of 2012  (over 1  1/2  years ago) , Kostyshyn   promised me he would read a peer-reviewed article I had written.  Entitled  "Field of Nightmares ."   It appeared in the well-respected Canadian journal "Alternatives - Canada's Environmental Voice." It documented much of the research which has been done, linking the popular herbicide "Roundup" to adverse effects on the health of  livestock, wildlife, crops and even  humans .  It also placed the official position of the Government of Canada on the record, which was , it was " aware of the research, but,  i t did not raise immediate risk concerns that would have triggered regulatory action.”