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Council of Canadians Opposes Northern Gateway Pipeline

The Council of Canadians opposes the Northern Gateway pipeline and stands in solidarity with the many First Nations and frontline communities opposed to this destructive project. The Harper cabinet approved the pipeline, but Indigenous, environmental and citizens’ organizations in B.C. are vowing to do everything they can to stop the project. Full story here.

This Isn’t Over - Declares Environmental Group. We Can Still Stop Enbridge.

The Sierra Club The federal government has just approved Canada's Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, subject to the 209 conditions set out by the Joint Review Panel last year. Details here.

Harper Approves the Gateway Pipeline

Larry, By now I’m sure you’ve heard the federal cabinet has approved Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal for B.C.’s north coast. Yes, the news is saddening and far from surprising, but  you and  I both know this fight is far from over.