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Is Ottawa Bedding Down With Crooked Bankers? (Letter)

Dear Editor, Crooked bankers of the world, rejoice!  Wikileaks has revealed that negotiators from 50 countries, including Canada, have been meeting in back rooms, cooking up ways of making it even easier for these financial titans to fleece their customers, everywhere! It's all part of the ('til now) super-secretive "Trade in Services Agreement" (TISA), a massive deal that would affect the way the big banks are allowed to do business, world-wide. According to the confidential draft text, TISA would "further deregulate global financial services markets."  Not only that, it would prevent these nations, including Canada, from ensuring that sensitive customer data remains in the country of origin! I'm no financial whiz. But, if we want to keep our precious banking records secure, this can't be good! Why is all of this happening? According to the text, "To assist the expansion of financial multi-nationals – mainly headquar