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New GMO Pesticide Doctors Are Warning Against

The Dr. Oz Show Click here to watch this "must-watch" video! Related: "Do Manitoba's Elected Politicians Care About the Health of Their People? A Food Safety Advocate Wonders...The politicians are "no-shows" at a series of summer speaking events." 

Blogger Responds to Accusations from CropLife Canada (Letter)

Dear Editor, So, I see the head of CropLife Canada, Ted Menzies, thinks I used "inflammatory" language in a recent story I wrote. It posed this question. "Is agriculture's toxic hold on nature turning into a death grip?" The story went on to quote scientific studies which link "neonicotinoids," a group of insecticides, to widespread declines in populations of both honeybees and songbirds. ("Neonics" are made by some of the world's biggest chemical companies that he now represents.) Excuse me, Mr. Menzies, if my headline sounded "inflammatory." But, if Canadians themselves  are not yet "inflamed" by the impact your products are having on our natural world, perhaps it's time they should be! Every school kid must know by now what a calamity it would be if we lose our pollinators. Bees make our lives universally sweet while helping produce one of every three spoons-full of food we put in our mouths!