Sunday, 26 April 2015

Strike a Blow for the Canadian Wheat Board! PLEASE SIGN!

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It's time to stand up for Canadian farmers. Let's save the Wheat Board. Please sign the petition!

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John Fefchak said...

What's that Smell?

It was no secret the federal government wanted the CWB off its books.
Farmers have been plowed under,as they now have little control over the future of the new CWB.

Every once in awhile, many farmers will be jolted by a distinct
wafting of an unpleasant odour that emanates from the office of
Canada's agriculture minister.
This will be a reminder of Minister Ritz, and his abandonment
of a promise to consult with farmers and respect a vote
for those who were in support of single desk selling.

"Consulting of farmers ended up as Insulting of farmers".
Yes, the single desk selling of the original, now deceased CWB, has been terminated, but the officious manner in how it was accomplished will be remembered for a long time …..maybe even to the next Federal election which is just a few months away.

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