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Council of Canadians Calls for Immediate Halt to Crude Shipments After Derailments and Explosions in Ontario

Common Dreams ONTARIO - The Council of Canadians is calling on the federal government to immediately halt rail shipments of crude oil in Canada following a series of derailments and explosions. These incidents all involved new rail tank cars promoted by federal Transport Minister Lisa Raitt as being safer than those that exploded in Lac Mégantic, killing 47 people. Story here.

Canadian News Probe Gives Families of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women a Voice

Common Dreams Underscoring failures of police, many said the call from CBC News was the first time they had been contacted about their relative. Story here.

No More Gentle Reminders: California Naming and Shaming Water Wasters as Drought Intensifies

Canadian Press California is done with gentle nudges and polite reminders to deal with its devastating drought. Story here.

Life Above the Alberta Tar Sands – Why We're Taking the Government to Court

Oil sands    Keep it in the ground - campaign updates   theguardian Oil spills are threatening our way of life. But indigenous people – with help from the international climate movement – can curtail the industry’s expansion. Story here.  

Canadian Majority Opposes Syrian Airstrikes: Poll

The Hill Times online Fully 55 per cent of voting-age Canadians oppose the Syrian air strikes, while those who oppose the broader Iraq mission now outnumber those who support it, says a Forum Research poll. Story here.

TransCanada Applies Keystone's Lessons to Energy East Pipeline

(Reuters) - After six years battling bitter opposition to its Keystone XL pipeline project in the United States, TransCanada Corp has learned where and when to pick its fights, to consult early and often - and to retreat when prudent. Story here.

New Publication - Seed Laws That Criminalise Farmers: Resistance and Fightback

La Via Campesina Peasant seeds – the pillar of food production – are under attack everywhere. Under corporate pressure, laws in many countries... Story here.