Saturday, 11 April 2015

Vanuatu: UN Urges Support for Government-led Relief Efforts One Month After Cyclone Pam

UN News Centre
Children examine the damage in Vanuatu. UNEP photo.
The Government of Vanuatu urgently needs funding to continue basic humanitarian relief efforts such as food, safe drinking water and shelter, according to the United Nations humanitarian mission helping the country respond to the effects of Cyclone Pam. Story here.

No Roundup Ready Alfalfa Production for 2015

Manitoba Co-Operator

Forage Genetics International will allow 20 demonstration plots in Eastern Canada. Story here.

Africa's Hunger Games - the Solution is in the Soil

By: Laura Rance
Some African farmers are turning the tables on starvation by no longer turning the soil. Story here.

Act Now: Sea Lion Pups Are Starving! Please Step Up and Sign!

OCEANA Protecting the
                      World’s Oceans

Emaciated and dehydrated sea lion pups are turning up stranded on California’s coasts. Act now.

Why deforestation and extinctions make pandemics more likely

nature A public domain image. As humans diminish biodiversity by cutting down forests and building more infrastructure, they’re in...