Energy East Pipeline Would Cross 828 Bodies of Water in Quebec

CBC News

Proposed crude oil pipeline would also cut through 69 municipalities in the province. Details here.


John Fefchak said…
Is Pipeline transportation or another mode of supply the best and most friendly means of delivery?
OUT of Sight - OUT of Mind - A Sad State of Affairs.
One extremely troubling aspect of buried pipelines is the fact; that when they do leak or rupture, the discovery is not instantaneous, as surface above ground motivation reveals. Many politicians and those supporting pipeline installations are oblivious to the the horrific consequences and threat to water sources and environment.
They dwell on the "out of sight -out of mind" syndrome, and that alone appeases them.
So while everything is fine and dandy with a unseen buried pipe, it remains lurking, vulnerable and susceptible to being a very destructive and ruinous menace

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