Want to Find Out How to Invest in Sustainable Agriculture? Read On!

Earth Institute

Increased investment in agriculture is critical. In a world confronting anticipated increases in food demand arising from a growing world population and changing diets, as well as potential decreases in food supply due to climatic changes and water scarcity, agricultural investment will prove crucial to addressing food security needs in the future. Story here.                   

Two huge tractors and seeders,  probably worth about $2M, stand ready to begin work in Manitoba, Canada. PinP photo.


PinP said…
I’m not sure how interested “entrepeneurs” will be in investing in sustainable agriculture. If it doesn’t make “top dollar” for them tomorrow, they’ll be outta here. Government needs to be involved with a “carrot & stick” approach if we hope to guide the world away from present, dominant methods. These, of course include monocropping, generally mining the soil by drenching it with ever-increasing volumes of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers & producing copious, climate-killing greenhouse gases. Unless we get off the “Agri-Biz” treadmill soon, we won’t get very far.